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hermes fun site

more than just the iconic bag and scarf,  hermes offers SO MUCH MORE these day. fun for the whole family – even the little princesses can print out a kelly bag template and save their parents a good $50K.  until they hit 14 and decide they need the real thing.

i am surprised that they have not done a bike yet though as it really is the fashion accessory du jour.


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do a google search for penguin deckchairs and check these out they rock. pefect for summer reading in the park.

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sushi kitty

mobile phone dangly things featuring hello kitty masquerading as a piece of sushi…



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bikes for princesses

the pashley princess sovereign, the chanel bike, the gucci bike (2008 beijing model), chanel bike cuffs


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fixies for chicks

do exist

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library war 図書館戦争

Put my two favourite things together and this is what you get – TOSHOkAN SENSOU. The action comedy anime adapts Hiro Arikawa‘s popular novel about battles fought to preserve libraries when a new law threatens to clamp down on freedom of expression in 2019.

See the trailer here.

I hope they translate this into english.

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ive had terrible bike woes this week.  i was racing between library sites and accidently rode through a patch of glass (ok it wasnt an accident i knew the glass was there but still rode right through it as i didnt have time to change my course). as a result my tyre immediately deflated and not even the new fancy bike pump that the libray has supplied could help it. but the spare tube that was part of the bike repair kit could.

so with the help of a friend (ok so the friend did it all) “I” successfully changed the tyre and once again I was good to go.  however the next day I went to leave the library the tyre was again flat.

so i think its time for a new bike –  that fixed gear machine that i have been dreaming of.  but my problem is I dont think they make many chicks models of them – the one pictured above is the only one I have found on the net so far.  I am afraid that my fixed gear dream will still be a dream and will be forced to buy a daggy yet practical women’s frame bike.

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