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what i talk about when i talk about running


now that summer is approaching and im not scared of stepping outside anymore, ive decided that i really need to get my shit together and start running again. to help me overcome this fear i have enlisted the best writer in the world haruki murakami.  his latest english translation is a series of journal entries as he prepares for various marathons in the US and around the world.


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animated stick men


there are 700 of these animated gifs on this site and are excellent to just watch, all at once.

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sushi kitty

mobile phone dangly things featuring hello kitty masquerading as a piece of sushi…



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how do you say ‘all aboard’ in swedish?

my biggest regret of the moment is not visiting the new ikea store when i was in perth last week.

however, i now realise that the perth store is not the biggest thing in ikea land right now – it’s the kobe store in japan  which is celebrating  its opening by redocorating a monorail train completely ikea style.

more pictures here

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library war 図書館戦争

Put my two favourite things together and this is what you get – TOSHOkAN SENSOU. The action comedy anime adapts Hiro Arikawa‘s popular novel about battles fought to preserve libraries when a new law threatens to clamp down on freedom of expression in 2019.

See the trailer here.

I hope they translate this into english.

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this is why

this is why i think that my ikebana teacher is the best in australia and i can only aspire to reach the levels of creativity that she has.  look at the amazing composition of the container, the materials, the background screens and the wooden poles to the side.

this was shown at the recent melboure international flower and garden show, which i visited to get inspiration for my upcoming arrangement, which requires both fresh flowers and vegetables. i have taken some pics which are on my flickr site to the right of this page so check more out.  the rmit floral fashion is really good too.

if anyone has any ideas for interesting flower/foliage/vegetable combinations then let me know. i am currently thinking big red chillies and pink lillies, which is kind of a cop out as i saw this combination at the show and really liked it.

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square fruits

i can’t believe that i lived in japan for so long yet NEVER encountered the phenomena that is the square watermelon, which was brought to my attention the other day. the square watermelon is not new – i am told it has been on high end japanese fruit store shelves for at least the past decade and even earlier on the tables of royalty.

apparently square watermelons are desirable cause they fit into fridges and can be cut nicely. to get the shape they are grown in glass boxes and assume the shape of the box.  costing around 10,000 yen which is about $100 AU one would *really* need to be a watermelon aficionado, or really rich, to want to partake of the juicy goodness that is the square watermeron.

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