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pantai kuta

i wish i was here right now.

[dont you reckon its really annoying when people try to show just how ‘international’ they are by throwing uncommon foreign words into sentences, especially in titles]

[btw paintai = beach in indonesian]


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may 31 movement

and finally for today

if you are in melbourne on may 31 go to melbourne museum and join the movement movement for a 5km (!) jog through the exhibition space. sounds like FUN!

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i opted for single speed, with back brakes and sensible tyres. those without are kind of dangerous when I am the driver.

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14.14km later

i survived the run. it wasnt a record breaking time, but the good news is that i didn’t get to ‘eye of the tiger’ which i had lined up in my ipod for that moment when my body was screaming no and the finish line was not yet in sight.

i found that merengue tunes are good for running to, as they keep a nice fast rhythm. the dirty dancing II havana nights soundtrack (black eyed peas, santana, christina aguilera, wyclef jean et al) also went down very well and i would recommend it for anyone else looking for good running music.

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carlton fc – what’s good about it?

so katy has just become an australian citizen. and in doing so she needed an afl team to get behind. being a regular to  the princess park running track, it seemed only natural then that carlton fc become ‘her team’.

even though i know little about carlton, i do know a couple of things. namely: the fev is a moron; chris judd should have known better than to leave west coast. so i am not very helpful in giving advice on how to handle bitchy comments from opposition supporters.

if ANYONE can advise on how she should respond to these and any other comments it would help her survive her first footy season:

“brendan fevola is a dickhead”

“chris judd – yeah, whatever”

“carlton are a shit team, why did you choose them?”

thanks in advance on behalf of katy who i will pass any useful answers onto.


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6 sleeps to the ‘fun’ run

have yet to train the full distance [14km – i know – not ‘that’ far – but it is for me]. i am afraid that i will get halfway through the burnley tunnel and the event will end, leaving me stranded in the tunnel with big trucks and other dangerous vehicles in my path.

still need to:

  • get an appropriate running soundtrack on ipod
  • ensure feet are blister proof
  • train a bit more
  • eat carbohydrates
  • ‘taper’ [not sure what this will entail since there is not much to taper to]


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bells, take III

easter long weekend coming up and i now have my own ‘surfbetty’ thanks to ebay and TNT. its down to torquay for the third consecutive week, and the rip curl pro has just begun, which i am pretty psyched about. surrounded by such surfing royalty as kelly, taj (he’s from WA down south),mick and andy it’s hard not to be inspired to go forth and carve up the waves. or at least give it a shot.

 do i care that we kind of sort of forgot to modify the library system to deal with an avalanche of overdue books on the first day back from a 4 day holiday closure? [hint: starts with an “n”]


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