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bike fashion

apologies for all the bike related posts. but theyre a nice change from the recent surfboard/running frenzies, right?

a new york times slideshow of people on bikes in NYC

i am loving my recent 2 wheeled aquisition not only because of the pure riding experience that it brings me, but also because it also doesnt compromise my lifestyle (meaning that i can still wear dresses and skirts whilst cycling).

there is a flickr site dedicated to bicycle fashion as well, called velecouture, where people stand next to their bikes and list their outfits. For example: vintage dress, handbag, cowboy boots. My question, though, is why do people have the desire to list their clothing when ITS FREAKING OBVIOUS FROM THE PHOTOGRAPH?


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timelapse video of a guy stuck in an elevator for 41 hours

The longest smoke break of Nicholas White’s life began at around eleven o’clock on a Friday night in October, 1999. White, a thirty-four-year-old production manager at Business Week, working late on a special supplement, had just watched the Braves beat the Mets on a television in the office pantry. Now he wanted a cigarette. He told a colleague he’d be right back and, leaving behind his jacket, headed downstairs…

elevator stories never make for the most interesting reading, however i was compelled to read this story in the new yorker after watching the accompanied time lapse video of a guy stuck in an elevator for 41 hours.

i appreciated the way that the article forced me to read about the history of elevators, which was interwoven into the story of nicholas white during and after his 41 hour ordeal.

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lights off for earth hour. all good, but should plasma radiance count as ‘light’?

between 8 and 9pm yesterday the residents of melrose place observed earth hour and turned all the lights off.  it would have all been quite good and noble and everything, had there not been a televised afl match between carlton and st kilda (see previous post for importance of viewing game).

once all the lights were out, we found that light radiating from huge plasma screen eradicated the need for any other light anyway. so we kept the lights off the remainder of the night.

i reckon earth hour 2009 should be extended to turning plasma televisions off. and, importantly, non essential television should be sheduled during this time.

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it’s the first day of the lunar year. out of one ear i can hear katy reading a list of words such as glug, whirls twirls, twit twoo, iguana, chameleon, pitter patter, icky and yikes (shes obviously about to do a reptilian storytime) and out of the other ear justin timberlake is bringing sexy back whilst throwning back tequila shots on the huge plasma tv.

 on the stove two large pots of tea eggs are simmering away and the rice cooker is onto its second batch of rice.

happy chinese new year, especially to the rats out there.

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keith fletcher?

The Google “Hot Trends” listing of the 100 fastest rising search terms for January 22 contains 25 relating to Ledger, including seven in the top 10.

Among the searches were many misspellings including Keith Ledger, Keith Fletcher, Heath Leader, Keith Legend and Heath Fletcher.

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bikes and tats

whilst the inner city melbourne suburbs are undergoing mass gentrification, the particular block where I live (melrose place) seems to be bucking the trend. in the course of a week, a tatto parlour called ‘the third eye’ has taken the place of the hairdressing salon to the right of melrose and to the left, what formerly was a computer repair shop is now a motorbike shop.

I can just imagine the type of lowlife characters (because that is what tatoos and bikes equal) we are going to get hanging around the vicinity of melrose place,  so i am going to have to be extra careful with my personal posessions from now on. 

but even more concerning to me is the fact that I just know that I am going to be seduced into: 1. getting my bike licence so I can buy a bike at the shop next door and 2. wandering into the tattoo parlour on my day off and leaving with a tramp stamp (probably a celtic design on my lower back).

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free lice

this is probably a bit nerdy, but no doubt some of you will find it fun.  Free Rice is an alternative to aimlessly browsing through others’ facebook friend lists (and discovering bizarre degrees of separation) or spending a night watching random YouTube vids to find amusement in the discomfort of others (see Halloween violence post below).

Free Rice is a word game that tests your vocabulary. some of the higher level words are actually quite tricky so it is a good chance to expand your vocab if you feel up to the personal challenge (i got up to a level of 42 then went back down again). For every word you get right the sponsors who advertise on the site will donate 10 grains of rice to the UN world food programme. apparently since the site started there have been over 1 billion grains of rice donated. 

free rice will have its detractors (ie why doesnt fujistsu/toshiba/macey’s/apple/etc just donate the freaking rice?) but on the whole I think it’s cool.

amongst other things, when i played free rice i discovered that a goober is a type of peanut and that moxie means courage.

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